Best Diet Drops rtality, and the indestructibility of the soul. Such flights are naturally impossible to the pedestrian faculties of the mind. Ingersoll Best Diet Drops spoke again in P.hiladelphia, in the same vein and on the same subject, in October. 736 Best Diet Drops He had a large audience of Best Diet Drops perhaps two thousand persons in the Best Diet Drops Horticultural Hall, and Whitman was present on the platform. Taking up his subject somewhat in the manner of O Connor in the Good Gray Poet, the orator denounced the hypocrisy and parochialism of American opinion, and proclaimed the Divine right of the liberator, genius. He justified Children of Adam, and gave in his adherence to the theory of free rhythm which is exemplified in the Leaves. Alluding to the subject of their discussion after the recent dinner at Reisser s, he declared it impossible for him to make any assertion of immortality but admitted that Hope, replying to the Best Diet Drops question of Love over the grave, might proclaim that before all life is death, and after death is life. Pg 334 After the fine, but, in cold type at least, the over florid peroration descriptive of the Best Diet Drops atmosphere of Whitman s

work, the applause was dying away, and the people rising to go, when Best Diet Drops the old poet signalled for them to be male enhancement formula reviews detained, and.saying that he was there himself Best Diet Drops to offer the final testimony to and explanation of his writings, if they would look at him and Best Diet Drops understand, he gave thanks do male enhancement devices really work to them and to the orator, and bade them all farewell. Picture of Robert Best Diet Drops G. Ingersoll. ROBERT G. INGERSOLL, FROM A PRINT The whole scene presents a curiously suggestive picture. And Whitman s situation was a most singular one. His friends had arranged a benefit lecture on the Leaves by the most eloquent eulogist in how to increase volume of ejaculate America. It is true the book is not identical walgreens over the counter male enhancement with Whitman, Best Diet Drops Best Diet Drops but it would be difficult to separate the Leaves from the man. And here was the man, apparently of his own free will, receiving the eulogy and applause in person and the gate Best Diet Drops money by deputy. The pious Philadelphians had expressed their disapproval of the lecturer, 737 his iconoclastic fervour and agnosticism, best testosterone boosting supplements by refusing him the use of the most commodious hall, and their opposition had encouraged Walt to stand at his friend s side. But apar

Best Diet Drops

t from this, his presence illustrates some of the characteristics of his nature, his chil.d like and sometimes terrible love of directness in the relations of life, and his frank eagerness for appreciation. We have seen already Best Diet Drops that he Best Diet Drops could learn from criticism, and there is a story of Dr. Bucke s which is too good to omit, though it entails a Best Diet Drops slight digression. It was against the awkwardness, not the severity, of his literary surgeons that he would protest with a quiet humour. After one of their operations, more painful than usual, in his slow, slightly nasal drawl, he related how a Quaker was once Best Diet Drops set on by a robber in a wood. The fellow knocked his passive victim to the ground, rifled him thoroughly, and pulling out a long knife proceeded to cut his throat. The knife was dull, the Pg 335 patience of the Best Diet Drops poor Quaker almost exhausted. Friend, said he to the robber, I do not object to thee cutting my throat, but thee Best Diet Drops haggles. 738 But while accepting blame with serenity, he yet preferred praise understanding praise Best Diet Drops above all, though even ignorant praise was hardly unwelcome. Praise

not directly of himself, Best Diet Drops be it understood that often made.him uncomfortable best male enhancement pills 2019 739 but of the book, his alter ego, his Best Diet Drops child. For the book was, besides, a Cause, and that the noblest and Best Diet Drops even vain applauding of it sounded, in the old man s ears, like the tramp of the hosts of progress in whose ranks there must needs follow, let us admit, male enhancement dallas tx a number of enthusiastic fools. Of such, certainly, Ingersoll was not one. He saw in the book much of what Whitman had put there and especially he understood how it had been written under the stress of an emotion which finds its symbol in that banner of the blue and Best Diet Drops Best Diet Drops stars, best male enhancement pill for semen production viscosity which he so happily described as safe natural male enhancement the flag of Nature. 740 Other men have given themselves out to be a Christ, or gnc male enhancement and vitality a John the Baptist, or an Elijah Whitman, without their fanaticism, but with a profound knowledge of himself, recognised in a peasant born son of Mannahatta, an average American Best Diet Drops artisan, the incarnation of America herself. He is Democracy, quoth Thoreau 741 and when he sat with a pleased indifference under the eloquent stream of Ingersoll s panegyric, he was only testifying